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Chromatic Tuner

Always wanted to know the key your didge is in? But a tuner from a music shop is too expensive, since you think you will need it only once? Then this Chromatic Tuner for your PC may be just the thing you are looking for:

used to have a program for PC that determines the key of an instrument. Unfortunately AudioPhonics ceased to exist. Furtunately DidgeWeb has a copy of their program.
Audiophonics' program is called APInstSetup.exe 
and can be downloaded from DidgeWeb's mirror site by clicking this icon:

Be sure to NOT change the selectionbox in the top-left corner for Key. This must be set to C, otherwise you will not get proper results!

Further set the audio properties on your PC in the right way:

  • Open Volume Control
  • Select Options
  • Select Recording
  • Select microphone
If this is done properly the program shows in the left pane how loud the sound is that enters the system. If this green bar does not move, no sound enters the system/program. The bar should enter the blue area for a correct reading.

The program also shows in which octave the key is. In the example the D is in the third measurable octave.

AudioPhonic Tuner

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